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GRHYA is a quality manufacturer of specially-designed prefabricated modular cabin and pod, aiming to provide a new solution for homebuyers, businesses and destinations.

With our proprietary designs we want to change the perception of prefab modular housing, making it something desirable for today’s discerning consumer who look for quality, efficiency and sustainability. We do this by providing builds that are both stylish and durable, expanding on it’s known benefits of being more affordable and practical.

Our vision is also to enable customers to overcome traditional limitations caused by location, infrastructure, time and budget. We strongly believe that our prefab modular cabin and pod opens up possibilities to where development was previously seen impossible, thus expanding potential for people and businesses.

modular structure

Modular structure



Smart home integration

Faster production time

Cost efficient

Design for tropical climate

Knockdown system

Built to last

000 Modules deployed
000 Locations



We have created specially-designed modules that are in-line with our vision of what we believe prefabricated cabins should be: modern, sleek and mobile, all whilst ensuring a high level of comfort and quality. Each module is comprised of layers of different materials including: plywood, biodegradable insulation, vinyl, waterproof membrane and steel frame. This proprietary unit design ensures that GRHYA’s modular cabins are robust and durable; these materials, and how they have been installed, ensures thermal insulation, sound insulation and termite resistance for all GRHYA structures.

Each module is assembled laterally (side-by-side), allowing for the extension of structure size and therefore flexibility with layout and style. Through this design, our modular cabins can also be disassembled to be moved and reassembled elsewhere. Another unique feature of our design.

Even within the boundaries of prefabrication, GRHYA offers an ample degree of customization so that customers can create homes or structures according to their own style.